“The greatest social need we have is the need for community.
The greatest longing we have is the longing for community.
The greatest opportunity for change is by creating communities.
The greatest resource we have lies in our communities”
Ric Young

Why create community

Creating community is a common human interest. Creating community is in our common human interests. We connect our communities with our common interests. We create our communities with common enterprise around our creative interests. Creating community makes creative community enterprise possible. Creating community works for everyone.

Why make creative community enterprise possible

We learn to do more with less.
We reduce waste.
We release the creative energy of collaborative enterprise.
We reduce conflict and the harm it does.
We create better systems working together.
We reduce the power of the few in determining our future
We enrich our lives.
We increase our well-being.
We improve our experience of life and our appreciation for our experience of life
We become more creative.
We benefit from everyone’s contribution.
We create more opportunities for contribution.
We increase the contribution of our creative resources.
We increase the contribution of our community contributors
We increase our understanding and appreciation for our community
We increase our ability to create possibilities for the future of our community.
We increase our abilities to create possibilities for the future of our world
We improve our ability to create with our experience
We improve our ability to create sustainable communities.

Creative community enterprise contributes to creating sustainable communities. When we create sustainable communities we create a sustainable world. A sustainable community is a creative community. Creative community enterprise creates possibilities for our community.

How do we create community

By exciting creative community enterprise

Roger Chilton
My Point of View


Creating Community from the Inside Out
Start with Why – Simon Sinek – YouTube

The Power of Story – Ric Young
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Creative connections

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